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Build a Sustainable Online Course Business

Productize your knowledge and monetize your skills. Gain the clarity and strategies you need to profitably build and launch your online course with our 1-day intensive.

Reach more people

Scale with ease

Live your passion

Only 30% of online courses create true transformation.
Which is why you need a plan to get to your goals.

You want to share your knowledge, help change lives—and of course build a business that provides your dream life.

At Learning Studio, we help you:

Get a Clear Path Forward

Building an online course can feel overwhelming. Gaining an outside perspective to help you focus and prioritize the right information. This ensures you have a clear vision and strategy so you know which steps to take (and which to avoid).

Trust the Process

Investing your time, energy and money into building an online course is a labor of love. One that can feel scary if you don't know what to expect along the way. A clear plan gives you the confidence to be prepared for everything that comes your way.

Be Stoked to Get Started

Getting crystal clear on your goals for your business and course makes the journey exciting and gives you the momentum to get started and win. Knowing you're going in the right direction and making strides with certainty.

We've designed over 100 online courses across all industries and helped thousands of students gain transformation.

Because we believe online learning is the best way forward.

Get Started Today with our Client-Driven Course Building Intensive

In this 1-day intensive, we'll map out your course curriculum, create your signature offer, design an effective  marketing plan, and identify your overall business strategy for bringing your course to life. 

Intake Questionnaire

This helps us gain an understanding of your business, revenue goals, target audience, and existing offers so we can have a firm foundation in the workshop.

Live 1-on-1 Workshop

We do a live deep dive where we walk you through our instructional design frameworks to bring clarity and form an actionable plan for your course idea.

Course Plan Delivery

Within 5-7 business days we'll deliver a fully fleshed out step-by-step strategy based on our discussion that will guide you in your course creation journey!

After the workshop you have three options: take the plan and run with it, hand it off to your team so they can execute on point, or hire us to develop your course for you. The choice is yours.

It has been my true pleasure to work with Leanne at Learning Studio. She is extremely gifted with an incredible ability to translate difficult training into easy to digest information using eye-catching design.

Lani K-01_edited.png

Lani K.

Human Resources Manager

Creating a sustainable course business requires more than just subject knowledge.

A concrete plan comes from:

Instructional Design

Instructional design is the secret sauce that transforms online coaching into a captivating learning experience. It empowers you to create engaging courses that ignite knowledge, inspire growth, and maximize the impact of your expertise.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the rocket fuel that propels your coaching business to new heights, allowing you to strategically package your curriculum, masterfully advertise your offerings and skyrocket your sales for unparalleled scale in the online realm.

Business Agility

Business agility is the dynamic superpower that propels you ahead. By embracing flexibility, adaptability, and innovation, it empowers you to swiftly navigate change, seize opportunities, and outmaneuver the competition, paving the way for unrivaled success.

Quit Trying to Go it Alone

You could try to figure it all out on your own, but wouldn't it be easier to work with experts who have been down this road before, know what pitfalls to avoid, and can give you an unbiased perspective about your business?

(yah... we think so too)

Ditch the overwhelm

Cut out Confusion

Unfreeze from Fear

I highly recommend Learning Studio. They’ve provided unmatched quality in thought leadership, creative design, and data driven teaching that ensures positive learning outcomes. Their team is highly talented and a delight to work with.


Peggy K.

Business Management Consultant

Get Started Today!

Let's setup a call to brainstorm your course idea and see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

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