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Instructional Designer &

Founder of Learning Studio


About Learning Studio

Hello, my name is Leanne. 


I’m an instructional designer and elearning course developer.


You may be at the point in your business where you need to train your employees in order to scale, but you don’t have enough time or resources to do all the training yourself. You need to outsource the design and development of your training programs so your company can reach its full potential. And, you need a solution your employees will love and actually use.

You deserve the respect of your colleagues and team. You shouldn’t have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to sharing valuable knowledge in your company. 

Here’s why I started Learning Studio. 

I believe companies grow, when individuals in the company are given the opportunity to grow.


Through my training at Mount Royal University, I learned that adult learners need to be given a reason to learn at the beginning of their training. If you don’t immediately address the question you plan to answer for them and why they need to know it, then you have already lost their attention. 

I understand this well because asking the question, “why” has always been an intuitive narrative for me.

To wonder about the world around you is a powerful way of learning. The first step in being able to identify why a training is important for a learner is to identify why it is important for the business. Which is why every course development we begin starts with understanding what the business objectives are. 

Have you ever had to sit through a painfully dry 3” binder training? Those days are behind us friend. 


Learning Studio is an eLearning company that enables training managers to share information in a way that makes people want to learn.

When you work with Learning Studio, you gain my 20+ years of skills and expertise in the field of corporate training and elearning. And, you also get the benefit of a strong network of talented individuals that I've built over the years.


This means you get the certainty of one point of contact for project management and implementation, while receiving the top talent to work on specific parts of your course such as custom animations, illustrations, voice-over, and gamification. 

It is our goal at Learning Studio to provide not only the best training solution for your specific business needs, but also to provide the best quality design to engage your learner's in a way that makes it enjoyable for them.

Get in touch today and let's talk about your next project.

Working on laptop

We know you want to grow your team in knowledge and in size.

That's why we created Learning Studio to help automate your systems and streamline your processes.

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