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Learning Studio is an eLearning company that designs and develops courses with skills and knowledge based outcomes. We use instructional design to help businesses drive change by reducing training time and costs while increasing learner retention and engagement.


Pricing eLearning can get complicated. At Learning Studio, we like to makes things crystal clear. So, we've outlined a few of our most popular eLearning solutions to give you an idea of the possibilities. 

We love creativity and the opportunities with eLearning are truly limitless. But most times, budgets are not so having a clear project scope and expectation of work is vital. If you have a specific solution you are looking for, reach out and let's chat to customize something just for you!


Microlearning is catching on quickly and with good reason. Today's learners have a small attention span and breaking learning down into bite size pieces is the most effective way to make sure we hold onto the information we take in. These 5-15 minute courses are our most popular form of elearning.

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Single Course

We will take the content you provide, align it with the learning outcomes and business objectives defined, and create an outline for how to best build a training course to align to your goals.This is the first step in developing any learning experience. 

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Module Series

Breaking down larger concepts into easily digestible pieces of information is a great way to keep learners engaged and retaining information for the long-term. We structure learning plans and design series of module courses to fulfill on desired learning outcomes.

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Using a Computer

Customize Your Course With...


Interactivity isn't just trendy, it's what differentiates quality elearning from standard video or PowerPoint courses. Giving users the ability to test and practice the knowledge they are gaining as they learn it is the number one reason online courses are so effective at increasing retention. 

Narration / Audio

Design elements are important in any course. Whether it's branding or interactivity, how the course looks and feels is very important to the results a learner will have. Narration can be a small subtlety that helps certain types of learners. We offer this as an add-on to any course build. 

Blended Learning

Many training programs require a blended learning approach. Whether you are combining in person training, classroom training, workbook material, or another approach, supplementing your existing program with self-paced online learning is an excellent way to bolster your training and maximize your learner's potential.


Let's Chat About Your Next Project!

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How to Get Started

Contact Us

Every training need is different so it's best to start with a free consultation call to help us understand your project goals and to see if we'd be a good fit to work together. 

Set Expectations

If we are a good fit, we like to over communicate by setting clear expectations, timelines, and deliverables so everyone is in agreement before any work begins.

Measure Success

Once the training is implemented, we'll measure it against our goals to make sure it is effective and you are seeing the business changes you set out to achieve.

Our Course Creation Process



We'll work with your expertise to turn your existing binder, PowerPoint, or PDF training into an online course.



We'll build out the blueprint for the course structure and order of information.



You'll review the content and course structure and sign off before we begin building it out.



You'll receive a first draft of your online course for feedback. Then we'll put on the final touches.



When you are happy with your training course, we will publish it and upload it for you.

What Our Clients Say

Lani K-01_edited.png

It has been my true pleasure to work with Leanne at Learning Studio. She is extremely gifted with an incredible ability to translate difficult training into easy to digest information using eye-catching design.


She is proficient with the technologies needed and gives a high level of attention to detail. I would not hesitate to recommend her for future training projects that incorporate a strong instructional design element.

Lani K, Human Resources Manager